Stewart’s New Direction

Antron Brown, a three-time Top Fuel champion, laughed that knowing laugh and shook his head after talking with fellow new NHRA team owner Tony Stewart before the start of this season. “It wasn’t about just running a race team and watching what you spend and go racing anymore,” Brown continued. It’s definitely been a learning year for me,” Stewart said. Hagan said Stewart “is one of those guys who is a see it, do it, figure-it-out kind of guy. I absolutely love the atmosphere at an NHRA race: How friendly everybody is, how much of a family atmosphere it feels like inside the racing community,” he said. Fellow team owner John Force said he’s “really happy that Tony Stewart has come in.” Besides the fact he said, “We need new blood. “I’m excited and nervous at the same time,” Stewart said. It’s all about procedures and knowing the routine and doing it the same every time,” Stewart said.

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