Your guide to drug driving solicitors

Have you been caught drug driving and are nervous about the next steps? Drug driving solicitors should be your first contact. Drug driving solicitors – as their title suggests – are solicitors who specialise in cases related to driving under the influence of drugs. Unlike drink driving, which involves alcohol, drug driving relates to the influence of both legal and illegal drugs that can impair a driver’s ability. Drug driving solicitors are well-versed in understanding drug impairment tests, potential defence strategies, and the complexities surrounding such cases. Drug driving solicitors often challenge the validity of sample results, question the protocol followed during testing, or raise concerns regarding the proper consent obtained before samples were taken. Drug driving solicitors have a niche expertise that sets them apart from the rest. They focus solely on drug driving cases, which means they’re on top of every detail specific to this area. So, while a standard solicitor offers a broad approach, a drug driving solicitor offers precision and expertise tailor-made for this particular field. MAJ Law’s drug driving solicitors are at the forefront of defence in this area.

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