When did Ken Block found DC shoes and Hoonigan?

RALLY driver Ken Block died aged 55 on January 2 2023 after a snowmobile accident near his Utah home. During his life, Block co-owned two major companies, DC Shoes and Hoonigan Industries. Block co-founded skateboarding fashion brand DC Shoes in 1994 with friends Damon Way and Clayton Blehm. DC Shoes sponsored Block’s car when he began rallying in 2005 and also sponsors an all-star international skateboarding team. Block founded Hoonigan Industries in 2010 initially to support Hoonigan Racing Division and help him compete for world championships in rallying. The team was first sponsored by energy drink company Monster, and was called Monster World Rally Team, but was later renamed Hoonigan Racing Division. Alongside the racing section of the company, Block also owned Hoonigan Industries until his death in January 2023.

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