Toto Wolff praises FIA’s ‘robust governance’ in handing competitors Red Bull £6m fine and 10% research reduction after minor salary cap breach… a punishment Christian Horner calls ‘draconian’

Toto Wolff praised the FIA for what he deemed a ‘robust’ penalty after his competitors Red Bull were handed a £6.02million ($7m) penalty and a 10 per cent reduction in aerodynamic research time for breaching salary caps. ‘There were other sporting penalties available but this was lobbied for hard by our competitors because it hit us the hardest. However the 10 per cent reduction in research time will prove somewhat more of a hinderance to the team, leaving them with less opportunity to test the aerodynamics of their car. ‘$7m is an enormous amount of money but the more draconian punishment is the sporting penalty, which is the use of our wind tunnel,’ added Horner.

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