The MotorMouth Podcast – Ep 13 with Lewis Warren

Episode 13 of the MotorMouth Podcast was recorded on 6th Feb 2020. We have deliberated on whether to release it in light of recent events, the tragic passing of Caroline Flack and the mental health issues she faced. However, the message we cover here is positive, and if it encourages people to talk and helps even one life, then it’s worth it. #itsoktotlk #bekind

We speak with Lewis Warren, a 26 year old man from the midlands with an inspiring story.

After working in mental health and suffering his own demons, Lewis turned to the car community to find escapement. There he found like-minded people of all ages, willing to talk and embrace the common theme for a love of cars. Lewis had discovered an outlet and turned this passion into a business that aims to increase conversation around men’s mental health.

His company, Takona, is a clothing brand inspired by the automotive and racing industry. His message is one of encouragement and inclusion and making sure men feel comfortable to talk about their issues.

His business will provide a platform for positive conversation around mental health and host events, road trips, fund raisers and create a constructive culture within the community.

An important episode that touches everyone to some degree. Please listen and share to spread the word on mental health.


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