The MotorMouth Podcast – Ep 11 with Abbie Eaton

Welcome to the first show of the new season of The MotorMouth Podcast. Tim and Harry sat down with Abbie Eaton to chat through her career so far, landing her dream job with The Grand Tour, her rookie W Series season, taking part in the return of our world famous quiz, MotorMouths, and much more.

On W Series: “I’d love to go out and win it my first year but the reality is it is going to be extremely tough”

On future aspirations: “I’d love to do DTM”

On F1: “If it’s wet I’ll watch it”

On a woman making it to F1: “Yes it will happen”

Born in 1992 in East Riding, somewhere very far north to a racing driver father, Abbie now resides in leafy Northamptonshire via karting, SaxMax, Tourings Cars, British GT, MX5 Cup and SuperCup, GT Cup, more British GT, Blancpain, Grand Tour and now single seaters as she prepares to take the W Series championship by storm.

As always, thank you to our listeners for the support, really means a lot. Please keep spreading the word.

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