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The start, or launch as it’s known within F1, is absolutely edge of the seat stuff for fans, drivers, and engineers alike. In order to understand the graphic, we need to break down the launch into constituent parts. In the car telemetry, we also have signals that tell us when the car has “seen” the loop transponder. The other output of this new graphic is the start time from 0 to 100 Km/h and from 0 to 200 Km/h. In order to identify these, the model identifies the instant that there is a peak on longitudinal acceleration (green channel in the plot below) and then measure the duration from this point to the point it takes to arrive at 100 and then 200 Km/h. The total time between the lights going out and the car attaining 200 Km/h is the reaction time plus the 0-200 Km/h time. From the model, we also calculate the distances between the cars themselves and between each car and a reference position in the track. In order to calculate the position of the car, we use GPS which gives us more granularity than the timing loops.

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