Star Wars-style pod racing which could be regulated like F1 may emerge by 2025 as one of leading tech innovations

A LEADING futurologist has revealed how tech will change sport – including AI training sessions, micro-technology skin implants, and Star Wars-style pod racing. Dr Pearson said: “Drone races would be a bit like pod racing in Star Wars. Numerous exciting developments are expected when it comes to improving the performance of athletes. While it’s predicted the 2030s will see athletes wear electronics on – or even under – the skin to enhance their performance. Dr Pearson added: “AR glasses will adapt to what happens in real time, so I can see heavy use of augmented reality in training. But it’s not all about the athletes – tech such as AR and AI will change how fans enjoy sport come 2027. Dr Pearson said: “For fans who are watching football for example, rather than participating simultaneously, future designs of AR glasses could be used to zoom in on a particular area of the pitch. Other possible innovations include using boron to make sports equipment, improvements in how data is used to boost decision-making in athletes, and a technology-enhanced Olympics. Dr Pearson said: “We could see a technology-enhanced Olympics in 2050 where people are allowed to use all sorts of technologies.

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