Saturday Press Conference

TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Part One: Guenther STEINER (Haas) Frederic VASSEUR (Alfa Romeo), Laurent MEKIES (Ferrari). You know, I think it’s probably the focus of most teams right now. So I don’t want to accuse anybody to have done something while it’s not official, because we are still speculating here, you know? So I don’t see a problem with that, now to discuss was it difficult to police? It’s then if you take chances on it, OK, you know that you take chances. So I don’t think we need to discuss now, is this something we should be doing? Mekies: No, really, we don’t think there is any specific impacts on our team. Capito: I think de Vries is our reserve driver this weekend anyhow. Capito: Well, we don’t have any expectations so I think we’ve got time. Capito: I think that’s a question to the FIA, isn’t it? As long as we don’t know that, I think it’s not worthwhile to discuss any penalties. So, of course, there is always going to be a process of a learning curve, both for the regulators and for the participants. So, of course, it’s the first year and you know that’s why it has taken so long for, I think, the FIA to get to this point in time.

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