POWRi 305 Sprint Series Prepare for May 26-28 Weekend Opening

(5/23/23) Continuing the launch of fresh traveling sprint series to match the burgeoning growth of open-wheel racing throughout the region, the POWRi 305 Sprint Series will next witness a Memorial Holiday Weekend voyage down Missouri Highway 54 on May 26-28. The progressive updated payout for the POWRi 305 Sprint Series can be found online at http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=824551. Friday, May 26 | POWRi 305 Sprint Series | Callaway Raceway Details:
Pits Open: 2:00 PM
General Admission: 5:00 PM
Drivers Registration: 4:00-6:00 PM
Drivers Meeting: 6:30 PM
Hot Laps: 7:00 PM
Racing to Follow. Saturday, May 27 | POWRi 305 Sprint Series | Lake Ozark Speedway Details:
Pits Open: 1:00 PM
General Admission: 5:00 PM
Driver Registration: 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Drivers Meeting: 6:00 PM
Engine Heat: 6:15 PM
Hot Laps: 6:30 PM
Racing Following Hot Laps. The payout for the POWRi 305 Sprint Series for April 28th at Callaway Raceway is available at http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=802869. POWRi Championship Point Funds for the 2023 season:
305 Sprint Series: http://www.powri.com/downloads/get.aspx?i=803360.

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