Jamaica’s Fraser McConnell – a star of ARX2, the RX2 International Series and RallyX Nordic in recent years – is taking his love of rallycross back home to the Caribbean. Just like in Folkrace, every car entered into each race will be placed into a bidding system, and once claims or bids have been made on each car, a lottery will be drawn after racing has been completed. Once a car is ‘won’ in the lottery, the owner has to sell the car for the set fee for all cars outlined by Yaad Man Racing. If a driver refuses to sell, that car and driver will be banned from the series. The initiative is to keep the costs down and mirrors the system used successfully in Folkrace. If you’re going to spend a million dollars on your car, but you know you have to sell it or you’ll be banned, you’re not going to spend that money.

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