Lucio Cecchinello: the king of multitasking

2021 sees Cecchinello and his team enter their 25th year of competition, having first emerged onto the scene in 1996. I can tell you that I didn’t go on many vacations… Until it was at least five, six years later, after having set up my own team, honestly,” reacts Cecchinello, chatting about when he was racing and trying to lead a team. In Italy, Spain, France, 15 August is like, you know, it’s the day of the rest, the Day of the Holiday. This is completely off for everybody, you know, this is a must,” continues Cecchinello. “And I remember that for several 15 Augusts, I was working. And we were working like hell, but you know, at the very end, it’s not a sacrifice.

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