Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen has delivered thrilling F1 season – but rule changes promise to make 2022 even better

FORMULA ONE fans are lapping up Lewis Hamilton’s title fight with Max Verstappen – and next year promises to be even better. Many fans have questioned why, with such a close fight between Verstappen and Hamilton, there is a need for new rules. The biggest difference is with the cars and we will see a complete transformation from this year’s challenger. Think of how a speedboat generates choppy water, it is the same for F1 cars only with ‘dirty air’. It means that once a car gets close to another, it is forced into the turbulence, losing around 40 per cent of its downforce and grip. It means the driver behind is unable to mount a serious attack on the car in front as he has lost performance from his own car. That is another factor that will help with closer racing, as drivers currently lose performance with an overheating tyre.

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