Kale Drake Wins C. Bell’s Prelim Night One with POWRi Outlaw Non-Wing Micros

(9/22/22) Kale Drake would shine bright at Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway in the debut action of C. Bell’s Micro Mania with the POWRi Non-Wing Outlaw Micro League preliminary split-field feature event on Thursday Night to claim their first league win and possibly biggest career feature victory to date. Entering a stout field of sixty-eight competitors in the POWRi Outlaw Non-Wing Micro League at Lil’ Texas Motor Speedway would find Caleb Pence set the quickest qualifying time at a 12.46-second lap. Caleb Pence, Johnny Boland, Peter Smith, Kale Drake, Laydon Pearson, and Kyle Busch would each claim heat racing wins; the D-Feature win would go to Darren Brown with Trey Marcham earning the C-Feature win and Ryan Winter victorious in the B-Feature. I knew early on I needed to chill out and calm down with this race going thirty laps.

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