It’s off mate! Australia feels the Covid19 effect as F1 cancelled

The writing was on the wall the moment the McLaren Formula 1 team decided to remove themselves from the race weekned after one of their employees tested positive for Covid19. 

What followed was many hours of will they, won’t they? The FIA were reluctant to cancel the event for fear of commercial and legal repercussions. 

“The FIA cannot cancel because there are too many commercial agreements that in cancelling, the liability would come back to us”. 

The delay therefore, came down to dollars. For the FIA, pulling the plug would have huge financial implications but should this position override the health and safety of the good folks in the Paddock, the fans, the media and the drivers? 

The decision was further complicated by mixed views from the teams which, had they all voted for cancellation, would have created action far quicker. As it was, not all teams wanted to see the race abandoned, this meant the FIA simply could not make the call. 

The fans were the ones who suffered, heading to the track only to be met by closed gates but with the news that the race would go ahead. By this point it was being reported that Seb and Kimi had already decided to hop on a plane and head home. A wise move and who could blame them? 

With the crowds gathering it then seemed there would be a race, albeit, behind closed doors and empty stands. We’ve seen it in football, so perhaps it could work in F1? 

After several very confusing hours, the announcement came from the FIA that they were cancelling the entire weekend and this sorry mess was finally put to bed. 

Will we race in Bahrain? It seems unlikely…and after that? Who knows!

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