Interview – Daniel Ricciardo, Part I

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix may have been Daniel Ricciardo’s last Formula One race, as the Australian has now signed to rejoin Red Bull, albeit as a test and reserve driver, for 2023. Ricciardo: I don’t believe Abu Dhabi was the end for me in this sport, on the grid, but I also cannot tell you that I know that as a fact, because I don’t know what the future holds. So, what do you need from a car that the MCL36 never gave you? Ricciardo: If you break it down, it’s probably a feeling. Because it’s through feeling that you ultimately get the levels of grip and understanding what the car is going to do. Ricciardo: Yes but obviously this isn’t all the time and in every corner, but when I try to push the car to the limit, it sometimes doesn’t give me the feeling that I’m in control, at least completely in control. Ricciardo: No, because in terms of filtering and understanding what the car is doing, I would say I’m pretty much in tune. So, the mechanics of how a car works, I’m not good at, I’ve never been good, but from getting a feel for the car and explaining what I’m am feeling and what I need to get from A to B, I have confidence I can do it.

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