INDYCAR Hailed for Trailblazing Work in Concussion Safety

The latest example comes from the recent International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport, which was held in Amsterdam, where INDYCAR’s process of collecting and analyzing head trauma impacting its drivers was presented. Since 2017, INDYCAR has tested drivers who have experienced a specified degree of impact in on-track incidents to look for possible head trauma. “INDYCAR is the only (sanctioning body) that collects it and looks at it after every crash. Trammell said much head trauma goes undetected because the individual does not show signs of a concussion, but that doesn’t mean he or she hasn’t had one. “When I got tested (by I-PAS), they were scratching their heads asking how many concussions had I had? Trammell said INDYCAR’s medical team has seen patterns in recovery following a certain G-level impact to understand the timetable for a return to previous testing levels. Trammell said the information from INDYCAR’s initial three-year study has been submitted to the British Journal of Sports Medicine for publication. Long term, Trammell hopes INDYCAR has even more data to analyze in pursuit of more information related to head trauma.

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