Indy Winner Newgarden Embracing Champion’s Role

While celebrating the first of his two Indianapolis 500 victories in 1992, Al Unser Jr. famously said “you just don’t know what Indy means.”. “I love to see the impact of the Indy 500,” the latest race winner said. Realizing that after the victory and seeing how special this race is for so many people, it was very noticeable. “I think professionally, it’s really a transformative experience to win the race. To him still, there’s 28 wins and there’s the Indy 500 win. That’s why Newgarden is fully embracing this year-long winner’s tour. “Ella, my oldest granddaughter (9 years old), picked him to win the race this year. “I’ve never felt more energized and motivated to win the race than I do now after winning it. And when you don’t win this race, it’s demoralizing and crushing.

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