Inclusive Message of Juneteenth Continues To Resonate within IMS, INDYCAR

As Juneteenth celebrations are ramping up all across the United States this weekend in honor of the June 19 federal holiday, the INDYCAR industry is reflecting on the important meaning of this day and the impactful message it conveys. “I think it’s important to have holidays and special days to recognize events that are important in the United States. “I think it’s obvious throughout the season,” McMillian said. The entire Race for Equality & Change is a microscope on what Juneteenth means. Reid said that he has felt a palpable excitement as the INDYCAR industry embraces the Race for Equality & Change and its impact, just as the country does with Juneteenth this weekend. For McMillian, the Race for Equality & Change has been filled with positive steps, but he believes the initiative is far from complete. “I think about all of us are trying to heal from the wound that was slavery and the division that it caused,” McMillian said. I think that’s how the Race for Equality & Change connects to Juneteenth.

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