Formula 1’s rising popularity in the U.S. gains momentum during the 2023 season

In recent years, the United States has seen a remarkable surge in its Formula 1 fanbase. As the 2023 season progresses, the palpable excitement around the sport is evident, both on television screens and on American streets. With Liberty Media’s insights, the appeal of Formula 1 among American audiences is undeniable. As the 2023 season unfolds, the Formula 1 fever is poised to captivate even more fans, solidifying its position as beloved motorsport in the U.S. The realm of motorsports was electrified when Netflix introduced “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” to its repertoire. Younger audiences, captivated by the drama and storytelling of “Drive to Survive,” started tuning into live races, expanding Formula 1’s fan base significantly. With its glittering lights and ceaseless energy, it was only a matter of time before Formula 1’s charm graced the city’s streets.

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