FEATURE: What makes Formula E so unpredictable?

FE Explained is taking a deeper look at the fundamentals of Formula E and answering your questions about what makes the championship so unique. READ MORE: Everything you need to know about Formula E powertrains. Formula E cars are notoriously difficult to drive and require some pretty extreme skill to be able to race them. READ MORE: The evolution of Formula E: Gen1, Gen2 and the future. READ MORE: Street racing at its finest: Formula E shows how overtaking’s done in Monaco

“Because they’re so narrow, we can always easily race alongside each other even in som places where there’s only space for one or two cars. Our cars are also relatively strong, so we can also touch a little bit and still stay in the race,” adds Lotterer. The city street circuits Formula E races on as a further catalyst to unpredictability. “Imagine being in my shoes in the car,” says Evans.

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