F1 tyre expert questions Pirelli blowout story

A well-known Formula 1 tyre expert has publicly questioned Pirelli’s explanation about the high speed tyre blowouts at Baku. Even before Pirelli chiefs said a word, Max Verstappen correctly predicted that F1’s official tyre supplier would blame his and Lance Stroll’s scary incidents on track debris. “But it seems to me that it happened at exactly the same lifespan on both Stroll and Verstappen’s cars. And there was debris on the track for both Stroll and Verstappen, but not in between?”. However, like fellow Dutchman Verstappen, van de Grint wasn’t surprised when Pirelli almost instantly declared that track debris was the likely problem. “Some modesty and self-criticism would be good,” van de Grint insisted. “After the Romain Grosjean accident, there was an extensive analysis of what happened,” said van de Grint.

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