Christian Fischer – the man bringing sustainable, lightweight materials to racing

Meet Christian Fischer the man who started Bcomp a decade ago in a garage and today sees his sustainable technology in Formula 1 cars, high-end road cars, sailing yachts, skis and even watches. Bcomp’s flax-based sustainable alternative to carbon fibre is a true motorsport industry disruptor. In the existing motorsport applications, what has been the motivation for choosing Bcomp amplTex with powerRibs above carbon fibre? But in addition to being more sustainable, natural fibre composites are safer, because they do not create sharp splinters on impact. We have all seen races that have been decided by the leader getting a puncture having driven through carbon fibre debris. And natural fibres also have better vibration damping properties compared to carbon fibre. Motorsport is no different from any other industry or scenario, there is no silver bullet when it comes to sustainability.

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