Berger advises Vettel to say bye to F1

In Sebastian Vettel’s place, F1 legend Gerhard Berger says he would say “bye-bye” to Formula 1. Berger admitted to Sky Deutschland that, in Vettel’s place, he would only join a proven race winner. “As a four-time world champion who has never been injured, who has a family, who has had a good income, I would rather make the decision and say: Ok, bye-bye,” Berger, currently boss of the DTM series, added. Berger, who was Vettel’s team boss at Toro Rosso over a decade ago, also defended the 33-year-old from the harsh recent criticism of the Italian press. “If one Ferrari driver is leaving at the end of the year and the other is the future of the team, you would usually dump your frustration on the weakest, or the one who is no longer relevant for the future,” he said.

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