AWS & F1 – A match made in heaven….or hell?

AWS and F1 have teamed up to provide a load of snazzy looking graphics to adorn our screens when F1 action gets underway. We explore the big question...WHY? There's been a Twitter storm over this, why do we need it? What's the point? Is it just for commercial gain? Is it for new fans? Do existing fans care? Harry Bejamin gives his take... #Formula1 #AWS #content #motormouth

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Frank Smieja
Frank Smieja(@frank)
3 years ago

extra stats that give more insight into car performance and/or driver skill are always welcome in my opinion. I think what we still lack in our media coverage / viewing technology is the ability to turn these on / off as WE choose, rather than the programme director chooses. AR may get us there eventually, and when it does, I think it will be much more interesting for all levels of pertrol head that are enjoying the sport.

Harry Benjamin
Harry Benjamin(@harrybenjamin7)
3 years ago
Reply to  Frank

Great point!

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