32 Years Of Hoosier Hospitality

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s “Safety Patrol,” commonly known as “Yellow Shirts” due to their color of their shirts, are integral to the success of the Indianapolis 500 each year. They were both race fans before they became Yellow Shirts in 1992, although Bill is quick to point out “Jacque more so than me.”. “While talking with a friend of ours one day, I said something about Danny Sullivan,” Jacque said. “There is never a section 32; it goes from 31 to 33,” Jacque said. “One of the things they stress is not to say, ‘I don’t know,’” Bill said. “Those were all things we got to do because we started out as a Yellow Shirt and just met different people,” Jacque said. “When we’re working, we’re paid to watch the people, not the race cars,” she added.

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