2022 Pirelli Motorsport presentation

For 2022 Pirelli reveals the three pillars behind the upcoming motorsport season: Formula 1, WRC and GT racing. The Formula 1 World Championship introduces new 18-inch tyres, while Pirelli has also created tyres for the latest hybrid formula in the World Rally Championship, not to mention a new range of tyres that covers all the classes in GT racing. The new 18-inch tyres were designed from the ground up, with every element of the tyre drawn from a clean sheet of paper: from the profile to the structure, to the compounds. The new 18-inch tyres are also more similar to the tyres used every day by ordinary motorists, which helps Pirelli to transfer Formula 1 technology onto the road car product. These new tyres were first tested with the teams during sessions held at the end of 2021. All this is in the spirit of inclusion and equality, which has always been a priority for Pirelli.

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